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It is not easy to introduce all complete information of disposable cap, here we have classified the information that you may interested on this page. Please click the below content, and find the information which you are most interested. You also could detailed reading all the information from top to bottom on this page, which might take you about 10-20 minutes.

General Hot Selling Products

Wuhan Youfu are the leading manufacturer of disposable caps in China. We produce all types disposable caps, with FDA & CE certification as well ISO13485 Systems Certificate for our quality control system which ensures high safety standards on every product we supply!

Disposable crimped caps

disposable caps are made from PP non woven fabric. It is designed to prevent hairs falling and keep the workplace clean in an efficient way. It is suitable for most hair styles. Commonly used in food and medical processing, house cleaning service, Beauty and spa. Meanwhile, the nurses and doctors in the hospital also prefer to wear this kind of one-time-use caps to keep the medical environment clean.

Disposable surgeon caps

Disposable surgeon cap is made by two different processes. Hand made with stitch seam and machine made by ultrasonic seam. Machine made is faster and save more worker cost than hand made, and ultrasonic seam avoid lint issues.

Disposable hoods

Disposable hood is made of polypropylene material, could be customized to different colors. And it could be disposed after one-time use. Convenient and comfortable. Suitable for both men and women, for those who need to cover the head, the longhair, the beard cover. Then they don’t need to wear the hair net and beard cover separated.

Wanna dig deeper in custom disposable caps?

There are more than 300 items in this catalog, you can leave us you email here and our experienced engineer will contact with you within 24 hours.

All You Need to Know About Disposable Caps

What are Disposable Caps?

Disposable caps prevent hair and sweat from falling off the wearer’s head during an operation. It also helps prevent other forms of pollution. They help keep operating room, theatres and hospitals a sterile environment.

They are usually soft, lightweight, waterproof, breathable, non toxic, non irritant, antibacterial environmental properties. And comfortable wear, you can wear them for a long time without feeling suffocated.

What are disposable caps made of?

polypropylene non woven fabric is the most common for Disposable caps, the weight can be 10-120g/cm², it’s soft, breathable, and cost effective.

It’s tri laminate non woven fabric, it’s made up of a top layer of spunbond polypropylene, a middle layer of meltblown polypropylene and a bottom layer of spunbond polypropylene. The weight can be 25-65g/cm². It’s softer and more durable than PP non woven.

polyethylene. It’s plastic material, can be in different colors. Widely used for dust proof and liquid proof.

What are disposable caps used for?

Disposable caps are commonly used for preventing hair, beard, sweat falling off, and also helps prevent other forms of pollution.

Some caps specially for specific industry use. such as shower caps, worker caps, surgeon/nurse caps, they have specific uses.

The clip/round caps have wide range applications, such as for hospitals, laboratory, clinic, healthcare, food industries, beauty and SPA, room clean also for daily use.

The disposable hoods are widely used for food industries and factories, hospitals.


Growing demand for disposable caps

Hygiene is vital whether you work in a medical environment, food processing unit, or any healthcare industry. Disposable caps should be an essential part of your safety arsenal to maintain that high level of cleanliness. They are affordable, simple to use, and most importantly, crucial to ensure you aren’t letting those hair come in the way of your work.

What’s the benefit of disposable scrub cap?

Well, because of the amount of germs, hospitals and other medical facilities almost always have a need for disposable scrubs. This is especially the case during epidemic. The main benefits are as below:

Avoiding spread of Contaminants

Caps are important because as it turns out, hair captures more contaminants than most other parts of the body, especially since you won’t wash your hair throughout the day the same way that you might wash your hands. So as you can see, there are many reasons that it's a good idea to have disposable green scrubs around.

Save money and time

Going disposable is a smart decision for any hospital or medical facility. Disposable scrubs save time and money, because you don't have to wash fabric anymore; they also keep patients clean by preventing contact with contaminants that could lead into infection.


For medical professionals, in situations where sterility is important, It's always good to consider disposable scrubs. In many cases, single-use scrubs can be much more effective than textile scrubs. We’re not saying to completely give up on fabric, but when a situation calls for it, you’ll be glad you got disposable scrubs.

The Basic Knowledge About Disposable Caps

We have a number of posts about disposable caps, and we will keep updating these posts in order to give you a better understanding of disposable caps. If you have any questions, feel free to leave us a comment or contact us directly, we are always ready to answer you!

Considerations When Bulk Purchase Disposable Caps

Due to the continuous outbreaks of COVID-19; the labor cost keep rising nowadays,and raw material cost also rise crazily because of the complicated international situation, we are under great pressure on the stability of supply chain in 2022. However,we will always do our best to meet the needs of our customers.

Here are some common risks and issues you might encounter while purchasing.

With more than 10 years’ production and export experience in the PPE field, we are always providing stable and competitive price, consistent quality, on time delivery, 24/7 timely response and professional service. And we will make efforts to minimize your purchasing and shipping costs and provide options for your choice if need.

And we have stable forwarder agents which can provide different price and shipping options based on your requirements,and solve problems which may happen in customs.

Estimated Cost Analysis For Disposable Caps

The final cost depends on detail specifications and quality you request for disposable caps, and OEM packing, order QTY, shipment cost and so on.And the price would be totally different based on different specification……. The below is an example for the total cost of ordering 1x40HQ disposable caps when arriving to your port:

1x40HQ prices ($0.009 per piece)

Crimped cap 21’’, packing of 100pcs/bag, 1000pcs/carton, 1x40HQ can load 3,040,000 pcs. The nearest port to our factory is Wuhan port, also can deliver to Shanghai, Shenzhen, Ningbo ports if needed.


Shipping by sea for 1x40HQ

Shipping by sea cost is different for each port, and it changes every 2 weeks, we can only confirm the actual cost before loading.
We have got stable agents, will offer more options based on your requirements.

$800 to $20000

Other possible cost (printing pattern charge; OEM packing mould fee)

Usually we won’t charge mould fee for 40HQ, only if there are many different and complicated designs.


The Process Flow & Duration Estimation

Wuhan YouFu is a specialized manufacturer and exporter of disposable nonwoven and plastic products in China. We have been in this field since 2013, our factories area is over 6000 square meters, with 100,000 class clean rooms and around 300 workers. 

Step 1: Inquiry & Quote (3~7days)

After receiving your inquiry, we will give a timely reply and make sure to provide you with an accurate quotation within 24 hours. Prices are generally valid for 1~3 months based on the situation then. We will adjust the price according to the specific needs of the customer until we could reach an agreement.

Step 2: Samples(3~7days)

Once all products details are confirmed, samples can be arranged. We will make samples according to customer needs, like the material,weight, style, size and quantity. Samples can more intuitively allow customers to check the quality and details of products. It is very important to confirm the pre-production samples before confirming the order.

Step 3: Pay for the Deposit(1~3days)

After confirming the product details, we will make a complete proforma invoice according to the product specifications, price and quantity. Customers can arrange payment according to the specific amount and bank account in the proforma invoice provided by our company. Under normal circumstances, our domestic bank account can confirm receipt of the payment arranged by the customer within 1 to 3 days.

Step 4: Bulk Manufacturing Disposable caps ( 30~45days)

Our bulk production time is generally 20 to 35 days for disposable cap order. Custom raw material normally takes 5 to 10 days. If it is special material or special color material, it sometimes takes 15 days. After the material arrives at the factory, our quality inspection department will inspect the raw material first, and then start mass production after passing the test. We can also make pre-production samples for confirmation according to customer requirements. During mass production, our quality inspection department will also conduct several random inspections. The bulk production time is around 1-2 weeks. After the mass production is completed, the quality inspection department will conduct the last inspection before the goods leaving the factory, and the shipment can be arranged after the inspection is passed.

Step 5: Shipping (7~30days)

Shipping time depends on the destination port’s location and international shipping conditions at that time. Under normal circumstances, it takes about a week for a vessel to arrive at a port in Southeast Asia after leaving the port, about 15 days to arrive in Australia, about 20 days to arrive in South America, about 20 to 25 days to arrive in North America, and 30 to 35 days to arrive in America. The specific shipping time will vary according to international shipping conditions and port congestion.

The product quality control flow

To ensure the high quality of our products, we have established strict procedures in each stage of manufacturing process to check for any abnormalities and defects. We also eliminate defective product reliably during inspection sessions so that you can enjoy a flawless experience with us!

Want to know how to shorten lead time?

Our company can formulate personalized solutions according to the specific needs of customers and the particularity of products. Tell us your company’s needs, and we can provide you with suitable solutions based on our more than ten years of production experience and timely shipping information.

A Brief Self-Nomination​ , Why Choose YouFu Medical?

Wuhan YouFu is a specialized manufacturer and exporter of disposable nonwoven and plastic products in China.Disposable caps products are our advantageous products, we have several automatic production lines, which can be produced 7*24 hours.

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We offer not only products, but also sales service. The satisfaction of our customers is the main task and mission of the company and in particular of the sales department.

  • Instant response
  • Professional team
  • Fast Delivery
  • Quality Control
  • OEM Available
  • Certified product

The FAQs About Disposable Caps

Regarding disposable caps, your concerns may not end here. If you have more questions, you can always contact us to answer.

We provide OEM / Private labeling on request. Our production facility and support systems are well equipped to undertake private labeling projects.

We manufacture products as per our clients’ desired specifications for private labeling service wherein clients market the products with their brand name.

We have a highly flexible production system that enables us to offer products with low minimum order quantity restrictions. However, the per-unit pricing for lower quantities would be higher than the per-unit price for large amounts.

Regarding to the disposable caps, normally the MOQ is 100,000pcs, can be negotiable.

Wuhan port is nearest to us, we also can deliver goods to Shanghai, Shenzhen, Ningbo ports as request.

The material, weight(gsm) and style are basic information. If you could provide more details such as color, size, package, quantity, the price we provided will be more accurate. For sure, we will quote base on most common caps if you don’t have any details for it.

Yes, we will prepare and deliver samples to you for checking after confirming the price and details you request for the caps. Samples cost will be free for you, and need your help to pay for the courier cost. Or if you have courier account, like DHL/FEDEX, then we can send Free sample on your account.

The Certificate & test report of Disposable Caps

We are fully qualified to produce and export disposable caps, and have complete test reports.

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