Disposable Microporous non woven coverall

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Elastic on hood, waist and cuffs, zipper with flap

Offer reliable protection from hazardous particles

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same as picture, also can be customized.

Product Details:

Our Disposable Microporous Non-Woven Coverall is a high-quality protective garment designed for various industrial and commercial applications. Constructed from a superior blend of microporous and non-woven fabric, this coverall offers enhanced breathability and comfort, along with efficient protective capabilities.

Key Features and Advantages

Optimal Protection: The coverall offers a high degree of protection against liquid splash, dust, and dirt. The non-woven fabric ensures a barrier against fine particulates, while the microporous material resists liquid penetration.

Comfortable Fit: The design features a front zipper, elastic waist, wrists, and ankles to provide a secure and comfortable fit. Despite its protective nature, the lightweight material doesn’t compromise mobility.

Versatile Applications: This coverall is perfect for industries such as food processing, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, and gardening. It can also be used for general maintenance and cleanup tasks, providing excellent protection against various environmental contaminants.

Durability: The coverall is designed to withstand challenging conditions. Its robust construction ensures durability while retaining its protective properties even after extended use.


Detail specification:

Gram weight45-65gr/m²
StyleWith hood, elastic wrist/ankle, zipper front.  Option: with flap over zipper
Packing1pc/bag, 50pcs/carton, or as requirements
ApplicationsGeneral purpose, Cleanroom, Construction/building, Cleaning and Maintenance, General industry/Manufacturing, Mining, Abatement/Remediation, Agriculture, Asbestos Stripping,  Non-hazardous Operations, Pharmeceutical
Samplesamples free for your checking within one week
Payment termTT, LC
CertificateCE, FDA
FOB portWuhan/Shanghai/Guangzhou/Ningbo

Differences in Usage: Non-Woven Coveralls vs Microporous Coveralls

Non-woven and microporous coveralls, both staples in the protective clothing industry, serve different purposes based on their distinct properties. Here is a deeper look at their characteristics and appropriate usage scenarios.

Non-Woven Coveralls

Non-woven coveralls are made from synthetic fibers that are bonded together, usually through a heat or chemical process, as opposed to being woven or knitted. These coveralls are lightweight, breathable, and cost-effective, making them popular in various industries.

Applications of Non-Woven Coveralls:

  • Non-woven coveralls are often used in the healthcare sector, where single-use garments help reduce cross-contamination risks. Nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals use these coveralls to protect themselves and their patients from harmful pathogens.
  • The cleaning industry also benefits from non-woven coveralls. These garments protect workers from chemical splashes and dust particles.
  • In light industrial settings, non-woven coveralls provide a barrier against non-hazardous materials, making them suitable for low-risk environments.

Microporous Coveralls

Microporous coveralls, on the other hand, are made from a fabric that features micro-pores. These pores allow the passage of air and moisture vapor but effectively block larger particles and liquid molecules.

Applications of Microporous Coveralls:

  • Chemical industries use microporous coveralls due to their superior protection against chemical splash and liquid aerosols. Workers handling hazardous substances benefit from the liquid-resistant properties of these coveralls.
  • Microporous coveralls are widely used in food processing and pharmaceutical environments where lint and contamination need to be minimized. The non-linting property of the material prevents particles from the coverall contaminating the product.
  • In laboratories, microporous coveralls protect individuals from chemical splashes and particulate matter. The anti-static properties of these coveralls make them safe for use in settings with sensitive electronic equipment.

In summary, the primary difference between non-woven and microporous coveralls lies in their protective capabilities. While non-woven coveralls are suitable for lower-risk environments and tasks, microporous coveralls offer enhanced protection and are suitable for higher-risk situations involving potential exposure to liquids, chemicals, and particulates. Always consider the specific requirements of your industry and the nature of the tasks at hand when choosing between non-woven and microporous coveralls.


1.What is the minimum order quantity for the Disposable Microporous Non-Woven Coverall?

The minimum order quantity for our Disposable Microporous Non-Woven Coverall varies based on several factors including current stock levels, production capabilities, and the logistics involved. We understand the needs of businesses for bulk orders and strive to accommodate these as efficiently as possible. For precise information regarding minimum order quantities, we recommend reaching out to our sales team. They can provide accurate and timely information tailored to your specific needs.

2.Can we customize the coveralls with our logo?

Customization is a core part of our service offerings. We fully recognize the power of branding and the importance of customizable products in enhancing your brand visibility. To this end, we offer custom logo printing on our Disposable Microporous Non-Woven Coveralls. The specifics of the customization process, including the techniques used, potential design limitations, and the costs associated, would be thoroughly discussed with our team. We are committed to providing a solution that aligns with your branding strategy and budget.

3.What are the available sizes for the coveralls?

Our Disposable Microporous Non-Woven Coveralls come in a variety of sizes to cater to a diverse range of body sizes and shapes. We offer sizes from Small to 6XL, ensuring that every individual in your team can find a fit that is both comfortable and secure. This wide sizing range is part of our commitment to providing versatile, inclusive solutions that cater to the needs of all our customers.

4.Can we request samples before making a large order?

We highly encourage our customers to request product samples before placing large orders. This allows you to assess the quality and suitability of our coveralls for your specific needs. Please reach out to our sales team to discuss your sample requirements. They can guide you through the process, ensuring you receive a representative sample of the final product.

5.How are the coveralls packed for shipping?

We understand that proper packing is crucial to ensure the integrity and quality of our products. Typically, our Disposable Microporous Non-Woven Coveralls are packed in cartons, with each carton containing individually packaged coveralls. However, we are open to discussing and accommodating specific packaging requirements you might have. Our main goal is to ensure that the coveralls reach you in perfect condition, ready for use.

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