Disposable Plastic Apron for Food Processing Industry

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Product Details:

Our disposable plastic aprons are specifically designed to offer superior protection, durability, and comfort for a variety of applications in the food processing and industrial sectors. These aprons are made from high-quality plastic material that is both lightweight and resistant to chemicals, liquids, and abrasions, ensuring optimal performance in demanding environments. Our disposable aprons are available in both low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) materials to suit your specific needs and preferences.


Detail specification:

Weight3g,5g,7g,9g, or as request
Thickness0.01~0.045mm, or as request
LogoOEM avaliable
Size24×42inch// 28×46inch, 61 x 107cm// 71 x 117cm,can OEM
Colorwhite, clear, blue, red, green and so on
Packing100pcs/bag,10 bags/ctn or 100pcs/box,10boxes/ctn.
Packing designall inner box and carton printing can be as your design
StyleSmooth or embossed surface


  1. Made from high-quality LDPE or HDPE material for maximum durability and resistance to chemicals and liquids.
  2. Lightweight and comfortable design for extended wear and ease of movement.
  3. Available in a variety of colors to suit your preference and application.
  4. Adjustable neck strap and waist ties for a secure and customized fit.
  5. Economically priced for cost-effective, single-use convenience.
  6. Environmentally friendly and recyclable, depending on local recycling facilities.
  7. Manufactured under strict quality control standards to ensure consistency and reliability.


  1. Superior protection: These aprons provide excellent resistance against chemicals, liquids, and abrasions, making them ideal for use in demanding environments.
  2. Comfortable and lightweight: The plastic material is lightweight and flexible, ensuring a comfortable fit for extended periods.
  3. Customizable fit: The adjustable neck strap and waist ties allow for a secure and personalized fit for various body types.
  4. Versatile: Suitable for use in various industries, including food processing, manufacturing, and cleaning services.
  5. Cost-effective: Disposable design and competitive pricing make these aprons an economical choice for various applications.



Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) are both types of plastic materials used in the production of disposable aprons. LDPE is softer, more flexible, and has a lower melting point compared to HDPE. LDPE aprons are generally more comfortable and provide greater ease of movement, making them suitable for tasks that require more flexibility. In contrast, HDPE is a stronger, more rigid material with a higher melting point. HDPE aprons offer greater resistance to chemicals and liquids, making them ideal for tasks that involve more demanding conditions and higher levels of exposure to chemicals or liquids.



  1. Food processing: Ideal for workers in food processing facilities, commercial kitchens, and catering services to maintain hygiene standards and protect against spills and splashes.
  2. Manufacturing: Suitable for use in various manufacturing environments, where protection against chemicals and liquids is required.
  3. Cleaning services: Perfect for janitorial and cleaning staff to protect clothing and skin from cleaning chemicals and debris.
  4. Personal use: Great for home use when cooking, cleaning, or performing other tasks that require protection from spills and splashes.


1.What is the difference between LDPE and HDPE aprons, and how do I choose the right one for my needs?

LDPE (low-density polyethylene) aprons are softer, more flexible, and have a lower melting point compared to HDPE (high-density polyethylene) aprons. They are generally more comfortable and provide greater ease of movement, making them suitable for tasks that require more flexibility. HDPE aprons, on the other hand, are stronger, more rigid, and have a higher melting point. They offer greater resistance to chemicals and liquids, making them ideal for tasks that involve more demanding conditions and higher levels of exposure to chemicals or liquids. To choose the right apron for your needs, consider the specific requirements of your application, such as the level of chemical and liquid exposure, the need for flexibility and comfort, and your budget.


2.Are these disposable plastic aprons available in different sizes and colors?

Yes, our disposable plastic aprons are available in a variety of colors to suit your preference and application. This allows for easy identification and differentiation among workers in various departments or areas within a facility. Additionally, the aprons are designed with adjustable neck straps and waist ties to accommodate various body types, ensuring a secure and customized fit for all users. If you have specific size or color requirements for your organization, please contact our sales team directly to discuss the available options and find the best solution for your needs.

3.Can I order these disposable plastic aprons in bulk for my organization?

Yes, we offer bulk purchasing options for customers who require large quantities of our disposable plastic aprons. To discuss your specific needs and receive a customized quote, please contact our sales team directly. We are committed to providing competitive pricing and reliable delivery for our valued clients, ensuring that you have the necessary protective gear for your organization.


4.Are these disposable plastic aprons suitable for use in medical settings?

While our disposable plastic aprons are designed primarily for food processing and industrial applications, they can provide a basic level of protection in medical settings where fluid resistance is not a critical requirement. However, for medical environments with a higher risk of exposure to fluids, we recommend using specialized medical-grade protective apparel such as isolation gowns, which comply with ANSI/AAMI guidelines for liquid barrier performance.


5.Are these disposable plastic aprons resistant to all types of chemicals?

Our disposable plastic aprons made from LDPE or HDPE material provide excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals commonly encountered in food processing and industrial settings. However, it’s essential to note that the aprons’ resistance may vary depending on the specific chemical, its concentration, and the duration of exposure. To ensure the appropriate level of protection for your specific application, we recommend reviewing the material’s compatibility with the chemicals you will be working with and conducting a thorough risk assessment.


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