Multi-layered Disposable Patient Transfer Sheet

Disposable patient transfer sheet designed to enhance patient safety and comfort during critical transfers in high-stakes environments like emergency departments and operating rooms. This sheet comes with seven layers, making it highly absorbent and durable, while still maintaining its softness for optimal patient comfort.

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Product Details:

Disposable Transfer Sheet is made up of seven distinct layers:

1.Hydrophilic Non-woven Fabric: The first layer in contact with the skin. Soft and gentle to prevent skin irritation and allergies.

2.Wood Pulp Breathable Paper 2layers: Provides breathability and a degree of absorbency.

3.Polymer: Increases strength and durability, while maintaining flexibility for comfortable transfers.

4.Wood Pulp Cotton: Adds to the softness and comfort, while further enhancing absorbency.

5.Breathable Film: Allows air circulation, preventing overheating during patient transfers.

6.Water-repellent Non-woven Fabric: The outermost layer prevents fluid penetration, protecting the patient and care providers.


Features of New Style Disposable Patient Transfer Sheet:

Heavy Absorbency: The non-polymer construction effectively handles heavy absorbency needs, thus ensuring maximum comfort for patients during transfer.

Moderate Absorbency: The fluff core of this transfer sheet provides a moderate level of absorbency, ensuring a dry surface for patients and minimizing any potential discomfort.

Spunbond Nonwoven Topsheet: This feature allows fluid to pass through quickly into the fluff core, ensuring a dry and comfortable surface for the patient.

Diamond-Embossed Pattern: The diamond-embossed pattern on the sheet helps in maintaining stability during transfers and optimizes its utilization, providing more support where it’s needed the most.

Waterproof Polyethylene Backsheet: This strong and waterproof backsheet offers robust protection against leakage, ensuring the safety and cleanliness of the transfer environment.

Super Absorbent Polymer: The inclusion of a super absorbent polymer amplifies the absorption capacity of the sheet, keeping the surface dry and comfortable for the patient during transfers.



To further aid in patient transfers, the sheets are equipped with four punched hand holes on each side. This design allows multiple caregivers to assist in the patient’s movement, thereby reducing the physical strain on any single caregiver and minimizing the risk of patient injury during the transfer.



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