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Upon discovering the benefits of our disposable PPE products, you might now be considering using them in your operations. If you’re either familiar with their effectiveness or just exploring options, you likely have questions:

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Stack of white towels with a woman holding one.

How many times can you use a disposable towel?

Disposable towels are designed for single-use. The primary reason for their existence is to offer a hygienic option for situations where laundering regular towels isn’t


Who uses disposable underwear?

Disposable underwear is used by a variety of individuals and in numerous contexts due to its convenience and hygienic benefits. Here are some of the

Cotton pads uses in various industries for hygiene.

What are disposable towels used for?

Disposable towels have a variety of uses, including: Remember, while disposable towels can be very convenient, it’s important to consider their environmental impact. Choose biodegradable


How to use dog pee pads?

Using dog pee pads effectively is an essential skill for pet owners, especially those living in apartments or without immediate access to outdoor spaces for


Are chux and puppy pads the same thing?

Chux pads and puppy pads serve similar purposes but are designed for different users. Both are absorbent pads designed to protect surfaces from liquid, but

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