New Batch Of Hot Selling Balaclava Hood Ready For The Shipment

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In recent years, disposable balaclava hoods have become increasingly popular. Many factories or food processing/food service industries have begun to choose this kind of disposable hood as a sanitary protection product used in production work. The disposable balaclava hood is designed to expose only part of the face. It has different styles, you could choose the one that just expose the eyes, or the one that would expose the front face. The style that with an open front that can also easily been rolls up or folded down around neck as a collar.

The disposable balaclava hood is like a combination of the disposable cap and disposable beard cover, it can protect your hair, head, neck and face from dry particles or slight splash of fluid. Meanwhile, it could help to prevent the hair, beard, saliva or even scurf from falling downing into the production lines while you’re wearing it at work.

As far as we know, most of our clients use the disposable balaclava hoods for food factories or pharmaceutical factories. Although white color is their most frequently ordered color, the colored disposable balaclava hoods are also in high demand, because if the production workshop is too large, the colored disposable balaclava hoods will look more conspicuous if not careful left on the production line, it can be clearly seen and removed.



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