Are disposable clip cap and disposable bouffant cap the same product?

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The disposable bouffant cap is also called disposable nurse cap. The disposable clip cap is also called disposable mob cap. Both the disposable clip cap and disposable bouffant cap are made to keep hair up then out of eyes and face while working.

These two types of caps are all made of non-woven fabric (mostly spunbonded polypropylene). So they’re breathable, comfortable and lightweight for wearing.

Once you fully unfold these two types of caps, you could see that they all ends up with the bouffant half-round shape. So, sometimes some customers also call the disposable clip cap as disposable bouffant cap.

The disposable bouffant cap and disposable clip cap are widely used in a lot industries, such as food, medical, chemistry, beauty, healthcare. And they are both great protection choice for the hospital, dust-free workshop, food service, healthcare center, house cleaning…

These disposable caps could be made with different colors and size, the usual sizes could be 18’’, 19’’, 21’’, 24’’, 28’’. Customers from all over the word could easily find the suitable size for them.


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