What’re the disposable shoe covers used for

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Shoe covers are a great way to protect your feet from potential harm. Made of durable material, they fit snugly over most shoe styles and sizes so that no dangerous particles get in contact with the bottom side or heels of you shoes!

By wearing shoe covers, you can help eliminate the spread of dirt and germs that come into contact with your shoes. This is a huge benefit when it comes to keeping yourself clean as well! By changing out those dirty kicks for some fresh fabric before entering new rooms or spaces where contaminants may be present will keep things nice & tidy not just inside but also outside too – preventing any unwanted materials from landing on surfaces near us (like furniture).

When working on a hospital, daycare or construction site it is important to maintain safety and uphold standards. The use of non-slip shoe covers can help do this by providing grip so that you have an effective footing while still maximizing protection from slipping off your feet!


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