How do you remove shoe covers

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The way to remove disposable shoe/boot cover:

1.      Sit in the designated clean chair to take off your boot covers only. If there is strap on boot cover, unfasten the strap firstly.

2.      Once you sit down, be careful not to touch one leg with the other. Then grasp the outside of the boot cover and pull down toward your ankle. Then, lift the boot cover over your heel, pull it off your foot and dispose of it correctly.

3.      Take off shoe cover is easier, and make sure than not touch one leg with the other. Grasp the outside and pull down shoe cover from your shoe.


Matters need to pay attention after removed shoe/boot cover:

1.      Once the boot/shoe cover are removed, dispose it into the appointed garbage bag or place.

2.      Do not step on areas which is contaminated by shoe/boot covers.

3.      Wash your hands after disposed the shoe covers.


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