CPE gown is getting more popular during COVID-19

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CPE gowns are made up of CPE film whose materials are LDPE, LLDPE, and MLLDPE. The material is thick enough to cover the body and firm enough due to the seam seals.

It’s of better splash resistant function than non-woven materials, material cost is much lower than non woven isolation gowns, and take less time for production. Which makes it more and more popular during COVID-19.


CPE gown can be used for:

1. Taking tests

It’s important to use protection when handling the specimens for testing. We wear gloves and full-body covers, which are followed by respiratory masks if needed! The CPE gowns have been doing great work at ensuring this safety measure is taken care of in all areas where it matters most – including your hands after touching any exposed samples or lab equipment without washing first.


2. Contact precautions

The CPE gowns have been a great way to take caution and prevent the spread of COVID-19 from patients, as well as other virus infections.


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