Different material for making disposable gowns

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Sourcing the suitable material to meet different requirements is very important process right now. Take the disposable gown for example, the material and the different production processes of the disposable gown determine what grade it can reach.

The PP material is normally use for making the disposable isolation gown, for the conventional isolation and protection purposes. It has the basic dust-proof fuction.

The CPE isolation gown is made of high quality CPE material, Chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) is a material obtained through the substitution of hydrogen atoms with chlorine atoms in high-density polyethylene (HDPE). It is non-toxic and tasteless. Normally our disposable isolation gown could reach Level 2 and Level 3 standard.

The PP + PE material is also very popular for making disposable isolation gowns. It is a kind of PP material that laminated with PE material, that makes the material have great waterproof function. Our PP + PE material disposable isolation gown could reach Level 1 and Level 2 standard.

SMS material is the most commonly used material for the disposable isolation gown and disposable surgical gown. With the special ultrasonic heat bonding method, and PE laminated part on sleeves and front side, these gowns could both reach Level 1, Level 2 and even Level3 standard.


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