Why CPE gown is much cheaper than non-woven isolation gown

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Here as below are the main factors:

1. Different materials

CPE gown is made of plastic, 100% waterproof but not breathable

Non-woven isolation gowns are made of non-woven fabrics, which can be very breathable, but are not guaranteed to be 100% waterproof unless coated with PE film

2. The difference in cost – material cost and labor cost

It is generally known that plastics are less expensive than nonwovens.

CPE gown is cut by machine, and only the cuffs need to be processed with heat sealing. One CPE gown cuffs only take 5 seconds to seal.

The non-woven isolation gown is made by three-line machine and flat sewing machine, one non-woven isolation gown takes about 3-5 minutes to produce. Non-woven isolation gowns can also be made by ultrasonic heat sealing, but it also takes 2-4 minutes to produce.

3. Occupied volume is different

1x40HQ container can load more than 300,000 pieces of CPE gown, but can only load about 150,000 pieces of non-woven isolation gowns.


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