what’s the difference of machine made and hand made arm sleeves

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Both plastic and non woven arm sleeves could be made by machine and hand.


The machine made sleeves are made by ultrasonic heat sealing machine, no thread ends, the seam line is smooth. Most plastic arm sleeves are made by machine. Handmade sleeves are mostly sewn by three-thread machine, also can be sewn by four-thread machine if needed. Most non woven sleeves are made by hand.


Plastic material is easier to be heat sealing, the top and cuffs of sleeves are with elastic, which can be sealed by machine. plastic arm sleeves the cost for machine made is less than hand made arm sleeves, because the production is faster and of less cost than worker cost.

Non woven arm sleeves cuffs could be with elastic and knitted cuffs, if with knitted cuffs it can only be sewn by stitching. For non woven arm sleeves the cost and production time for machine made is similar with hand made.


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