Hand made plastic arm sleeves are more expensive than machine made

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The machine-made arm sleeves are made by automatic machines. The production is fast and requires less labors. One machine only needs one worker.

Hand made arm sleeves are made by workers, using heat-sealing machine to produce one by one, which needs more workers to do, and at the same time, the efficiency is far lower than that of fully automatic machines.


For automatic machine made arm sleeves, a mould is necessary, and the machine can only produce fixed size sleeves, basically only regular sleeves of fixed size can be made by machine. If request other size will need to make new mould, and the size should be within machine available size range. For a larger or smaller size cuff is required, it still need to be done by hand.


As a professional supplier specialized in the field for disposable plastic and non woven products, we can produce both machine made sleeves and hand made sleeves. All colors, sizes and styles can be customized. If you need more information, please feel free to contact us ay any time. We provide 24/7 service!


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