Why wear arm sleeves for food handling

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During the preparation and handling of food, arms and cuffs are likely to come into contact with food, which leading to spoilage and hygiene problems in the kitchen and other food service areas. So purchasing disposable hygiene equipment for your staff is ideal.


Polyethylene arm sleeves are an excellent and simple solution to this common dining problem. Providing excellent coverage, they can easily slide across the top of clothing and are firmly held in place at openings using durable elastic bands for added hygiene. With a variety of colors, these wholesale disposable arm sleeves are ideal for ensuring kitchen or food counter hygiene.


As a professional supplier in the field for disposable plastic and non woven products over 10 years. Wuhan Youfu company can provide both machine made and hand made arm sleeves. All colors, sizes and styles can be customized. If you need more information, please feel free to contact us at any time. We provide 24/7 service!


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