Difference between the four levels of protection for isolation gowns

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Level 1 Disposable gowns usually used in general hospital circumstances for basic care.(non-sterile). But are not suitable for blood draws, ICUs or pathology labs.

Level 2 Disposable gowns usually used in low risk circumstances like blood draws or work in pathology labs and ICUs(non-sterile). Level 2 disposable gowns can block more fluid than level 1 gowns.

Level 3 Disposable gowns usually used in moderate risk scenarios such as blood draws from arteries, inserting IVs, and ER or trauma work (need to be steriled). And it is also effective against splatters and socking.

Level 4 Disposable gowns usually used for all high risk circumstances like during surgery in the operating room(need to be steriled). This kind of gowns offer pathogen resistance, protection against non-airborne diseases, and work as a barrier to large amounts of fluids for extended periods of time.



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