How to purchase the suitable disposable coverall?

A man in a protective coverall suit with hood and boots

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Factors to consider when purchasing a disposable coverall

There are many different types of disposable coveralls on the market today.

With so many options available, how do you know which one is right for you?

Some important factors to consider when purchasing a disposable coverall include:

  • the style of the coverall
  • the material of the coverall
  • the environment where you will be using the coverall
  • the size and color of the coverall
  • how often you will need to use the coverall

Keep these factors in mind when choosing a disposable coverall to ensure that you purchase the right one for your needs.

The different styles of disposable coveralls

There are three main styles:

  • with hood and boots
  • with hood and without boots
  • without hood and without boots(just with collar).

Three main styles:

1.The hooded coverall with boots is ideal for protecting the wearer from head to toes.

A man in a protective coverall suit with hood and boots

2.The hooded coverall without boots could just protect the wearer from head to neck then to the ankle, people need to wear shoe covers(or boot covers) to give the extra protection to the feet.

A woman in a hooded coverall without boots


3.And for the one with collar, which is without hood and boots, could provide basic protection to the main body part, in case that you need extra protection for head and feet, it’s better to wear a disposable cap and a pair of disposable shoe covers.

A man in a coverall with collar

Details difference of the style:

1.waistline: some styles have no elastics at the waist, some have a full circle of elastics, and some are only designed with a half-circle of elastics.

Protective clothing waist detail


2.cuffs: some customers prefer the cuffs with elastic, this design could prevent the contamination or liquids get into the clothes through the cuffs; and the knitted cuffs also have this kind of function, but more soft and comfortable; some customers prefer the open cuffs, then the wrists and ankles can move freely without restriction. If added a small elastic thumb loop at the end of the elastic cuffs,this design will facilitate the wearer to secure the cuffs or wear gloves.

coverall with elastic cuffs coverall with open cuffs


3.Even the style of the sleeves can be different, the raglan sleeves and set-in sleeves are the most popular sleeve styles for the disposable coveralls.

A man wearing an orange protective suit with reflective stripes spreads his arms


Special detail requests:

1.some microporous coveralls are required with blue tapes cover all the seams to ensure the tightness.

A woman wearing a blue tape-striped protective coverall suit

2.some coveralls with double or single flap cover the zipper, some coveralls without flap cover the zipper.

A pair of men and women wearing different styles of protective coveralls

The different material of disposable coverall

There are many materials that can be used for making disposable coveralls, such as polypropylene (PP), SMS, PP+PE, Microporous, etc. Among them, PP is the most popular material, because it is lightweight and has good breathability. Microporous is also a good choice, because it is waterproof yet breathable, and has good barrier properties.

Consider the environment where you will be using the disposable coverall

When choosing a disposable coverall, it is important to consider the environment where you will be using it. For example, if you will be using it in a lab setting, you will need a coverall that is resistant to contact chemicals. If you will be using it in a construction setting, you will need a coverall that is resistant to tearing and abrasion.

Two workers in protective coveralls An equipment inspector in protective coverall during an inspection Protective clothing for travelers on international trips Doctors in protective clothing are making preparations Scientists in the laboratory wearing protective clothing doing experiments


How to choose the size and color of the disposable coverall?

Choose the size of the disposable coveralls:

The size of the disposable coverall is very important.

If the size is too large, it will not only affect the appearance, but also cause a lot of inconvenience when working.

If the size is too small, it will not only be unable to work properly, but also easy to tear.

Therefore, when choosing a disposable coverall, be sure to choose the right size. The x large size is the most popular size that people order the most.

coverall size chart


Choose the color of the disposable coverall:

The color of the disposable coverall is also an important factor to consider. Different colors have different meanings and purposes. For example, white is often used in laboratories or clean rooms because it represents cleanliness. Yellow or green may be used in construction sites because they are more visible and can help workers stay safe. Choose the right color based on your needs and preferences.

Determine how often you will need to use the disposable coverall

Determine how often you will need to use the disposable coverall before purchasing it. If you will only need to use it occasionally, then you can get away with buying a lower quality coverall. However, if you need to use it frequently, then you will want to invest in a higher quality disposable coverall.



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