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Top 10 Suppliers of High-Quality Disposable Lab Coats in Australia

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Introduction to Disposable Lab Coats

Disposable lab coats have become a necessity in various industries such as food processing and healthcare due to their ability to provide comfortable protection against dust, dirt, and other forms of particulate matter. The lightweight non-woven polypropylene material ensures that these coats can protect the wearer from potential contamination.

Top 10 Suppliers of Disposable Lab Coats Australia

  1. Wuhan Youfu International Trade Co., Ltd

A leading provider of disposable lab coats among other personal protective equipment. Wuhan Youfu offers a wide range of lab coats that can be used in various handling areas, providing protection without compromising on comfort.

  1. Pro-Val Safety Products

Offering a range of dust coats that ensure protection against dust, fibres, and grease. Pro-Val has built a name in the industry for their high-quality lab coats. Visit their site here.

  1. Bastion Pacific Pty Ltd

With a mission to provide quality protection, Bastion Pacific offers disposable lab coats in Australia, designed with elastic cuffs and shoulder for a snug fit. Check their page here.

  1. Healthcare Uniforms Australia

This company specializes in uniforms suitable for the healthcare industry. Their lab coats are designed to ensure protection against occasional splashes and grime. Visit their site here.

  1. Rapid Clean

For those in need of a pocket-friendly option, Rapid Clean offers disposable lab coats at a competitive price. Their coats are designed to provide maximum comfort. Check out their page here.

  1. Livingstone International Pty Ltd

Livingstone International offers disposable lab coats that provide protection and comfort, ideal for various industries. Visit their site here.

  1. Foodcare

Foodcare provides blue disposable lab coats specifically designed for food handling areas. Their coats offer superior protection against dust and dirt. Check their page here.

  1. Sentry Medical

For a range of lab coats that ensure protection and comfort, Sentry Medical is a go-to provider in Australia. Visit their site here.

  1. Alsco

Alsco provides a range of disposable lab coats designed for safety and protection, ensuring the reduction of contamination in work environments. Check out their page here.

  1. Medline Australia

Medline Australia offers disposable lab coats that provide superior protection, ensuring that healthcare professionals are safe. Visit their site here.

Importance of Quality in Disposable Lab Coats

Investing in high-quality disposable lab coats can ensure safety and hygiene in any workplace. Thus, it’s crucial to choose a trusted supplier that values quality and safety above all.


Choosing the right disposable lab coat supplier is crucial for any industry. These top suppliers in Australia ensure that safety and comfort aren’t compromised, all while keeping costs in check.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the purpose of a disposable lab coat?Disposable lab coats protect the wearer and the environment from cross-contamination in different industries such as food processing, healthcare, and more.
  2. What is the main material used for disposable lab coats?Disposable lab coats are typically made from lightweight non-woven polypropylene.
  3. Are there different colors available for disposable lab coats?Yes, most suppliers offer a variety of colors, with blue being a common color due to its visibility.
  4. Are all disposable lab coats the same?No, disposable lab coats may differ based on material, design, size, and other factors. The best choice will depend on the specific needs of the wearer.
  5. Can I buy disposable lab coats in bulk?Yes, most suppliers, including those listed in this article, offer the option to purchase in bulk.
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