All-round protection from the disposable coverall

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Coveralls are an item of personal protective equipment (PPE) designed to cover the whole body and other clothing to protect against dirt, fluid, or other outside contaminants. Coveralls are one piece and loose fitting for ease of movement, with sleeves, full leggings and sometimes with a hood to cover the head. And sometimes it also include overshoe pieces to cover footwear and protect against contamination. Recently, disposable coverall is more commonly used by the general public. We use disposable materials to make coveralls mostly because it can avoid cost issues when using non-disposable materials which are certain to sustain damage when used situations that require coveralls very regularly, for harsh work conditions. The common materials used to make disposable coverall are PP, PP+PE, SMS, or Microporous. These materials have different safety ratings and properties which suit them to different evironments.


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