Different applications between lightweight PE aprons and the heavy duty ones

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The disposable PE aprons are a great way to protect your clothes from getting dirty while cooking, serving or performing creative work. They can be used as an external barrier for those who want their clothing covered and won’t get splashed on by spills!


Disposable PE aprons is made of high quality PE(polyethylene) material, different weight decides the main usage of the disposable PE aprons. The lightweight PE aprons are thinner and softer, it could provide basic dustproof and fluid-resistant function to the people who works in low-risk environment. Regarding to the heavy duty disposable aprons, they are thicker and harder, have better tear-resistant than the light weight aprons. Heavy weight plastic aprons provide more protection for people working in high-risk jobs that may be injured by corrosive liquids or sharp objects.


People can choose a plastic apron with a suitable protection level according to their own work and life needs.


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