Why the medical staffs usually wearing a disposable apron over the surgical gown

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Microorganisms can be picked up on the clothing of health professionals and this poses a risk for serious infections. A disposable, single-use plastic apron is recommended when close contact with patients may lead to contamination or there’s potential that you’ll get blood splashed onto your skin while working in an operating room.


It is advised that the hospital’s caregivers could wear aprons in place of their traditional surgical gowns when they run out. The new advice says this will provide an effective protection against infection while still maintaining a professional look for patients and visitors.


Now many medical staff choose to wear a layer of disposable plastic apron over the disposable surgical gown, mainly to enhance protection. Under normal circumstances, the price of a disposable plastic apron is much cheaper than that of a disposable surgical gown, and the disposable apron made of plastic also has a good waterproof and blood-proof effect. In this way, if the medical staff is accidentally splashed by liquid or blood, they can directly replace the outer disposable apron first, and there is no need to immediately change the disposable surgical gown. Such a protection method can not only improve the protection level, but also effectively prolong the use time of disposable surgical gowns and save protection costs.


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