How do you put on a shoe cover

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Shoe covers are common items of personal protective equipment (PPE) within the medical, cleanroom, chemical, industrial, laboratory, and emergency environments. Such environments often require shoe covers as part of standard PPE protocols.


It’s very simple way to wear a common style of disposable shoe cover.

1. Hold the opening of the cover.

2. Place the front of the footwear into the cover.

3. Pull the elastic of the cover to the back of the footwear and insert the heel of the footwear into the cover.

4. Make sure the footwear is covered appropriately.

If the shoe cover with ESD strip, then make sure the strip is stuffed into your sock or shoe, so they are not hanging out.


Put on your boot covers. Make sure that all areas of the foot are covered and the boot or shoe covers are snug over your ankle and calf. If your boot covers have a strap, wrap the strap around for a comfortable fit.


Try not to touch the floor or other areas with your hands while putting the shoe/boot covers on


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