How to Choose an Ideal Surgical Cap

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Before you pick the right surgical cap for you, you must know about some of the top options available in the market. The 2 key types of surgical caps are:


1. Disposable surgical caps with ties/elastic on back:

The disposable surgical cap is made of PP or SMS non-woven fabric, it’s one time use. You can choose tie on style or elastic style. Generally, for long or dense hair is more suitable for tie on surgical caps.


2. Reusable fabric surgical caps

There are ponytail surgical caps for long hairs and pixie surgical caps for short hairs.


Fabric surgical caps can be washed and reused. However, there are some disposable surgical caps available in the market for those functioning in extremely contagious or hazardous areas where it might not be ideal (or desirable) to reuse a surgical hat. Disposable surgical caps are an ideal fit if you work in highly infectious environments.


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