Should scrub caps cover ears

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Scrub caps play an essential role in hygiene and sanitation in a medical setting. They prevent contamination from occurring by keeping your hair neatly tucked back and out of the way.


However, we found that most doctors and nurses wear disposable caps with their ears sticking out, but this is actually the wrong way to wear it. The guidelines stated: “A bouffant cap should be worn to cover all of the hair, scalp, and ears to minimize skin and hair shedding and protect surgical patients from bacteria”.


There are several different types of scrub caps, the most common one is the doctor caps with ties or elastic on back, which is also the most widely used. And also have disposable hoods which can cover whole hair, ears and beard, with long ties or elastic on chin. Bouffant caps and crimped caps are also widely used in hospital. These caps all should be wearied with ears covered as well.


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