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The importance to wearing the shoe covers in the OR

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The most common type of shoe cover you’ll see is a disposable ones. These are designed to protect your shoes from any liquid or solid materials that may get in the way, as well at stopping germs and debris on those pesky dirty sneakers!

The operating room generally has high requirements for hygiene standards. After all, the environmental hygiene conditions here are also critical to the success of the entire operation. The operating room is a sterile environment where professionals need to keep their patients safe from harm. The shoe covers help protect the patient and allow them not be contaminated by anything in this clean space, including biohazardous materials that may have been taken outside of it before being used for surgery procedures or other medical treatments requiring protection against possible contamination risks.

Wear shoe covers when in contact with patients who have hemorrhagic diseases to protect yourself from being exposed. Shoe covers should be worn as part of Full Barrier Precautions and these can also help prevent infection by keeping your feet clean, moistened, cool (especially during hot weather), etcetera!

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