The increasing disposable bouffant caps market

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Disposable bouffant caps are also called disposable doctor caps or nurse caps. Disposable bouffant caps are comfortable to wear, lightweight, easy to use and could provide effective protection against infection and dust. This kind of cap in manufactured from non-woven material with soft thread elastic bands, the elastic bands can help to keep the cap fit and adjustable. The disposable doctor caps have medical-grade quality,it has sweat absorption and shrink-resistance features.

The disposable bouffant caps are also widely used in the food industry to avoid hair falling while cooking or serving the food. In the hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers, the doctors and nurses prefer to use this kind of disposable caps during the surgery and health checkup to protect the patient from any bacteria or viral infections. The COVID-19’s outbreak suddenly change the most people’s mindset of health and self-hygiene. During this hard time, the health workers, doctors, nurses, and other medical-related people have to protect the patients and themselves, this resulted in the extensive use and increase of the disposable caps products.


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