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How to put on the disposable coveralls correctly

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Wearing disposable protective coveralls correctly is very important and necessary. Below are the few steps to wear the coveralls in the correct way.

Step 1: Inspect the suit carefully to ensure there’s no defects or visible damages. If the coverall in damaged, do not wear it, replace it.

Step 2: Remove the unnecessary accessories that may damage the coverall fabric, such as watches and rings.

Step 3: Put on the suit, cover the wrists and ankles comfortably. If the coverall is with a hood, then ensure the hood also fit the head comfortably.

Step 4: In order to ensure the coverall is the correct size, you should practice the movement you’ll be performing in the coverall. Usually it is better to choose one size larger than usual.

Step 5: Watch out the working area to prevent any damages occurring to the garment that could reduce its effectiveness, like sharp edges or hot surfaces.




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