What information is needed for the quotation of disposable coverall

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In most cases our first quotation is far from the final product purchased by the customer, cause information provided in first inquire is always little.

Most customers want to receive a quotation immediately when they make the first inquiry, however they are not sure what the details of the product should be, especially the disposable coverall is a complicated product compared to other machine made PPE products. In order to provide price in time, we use the little information which provided by clients and combined with the basic styles of coverall to provide quotation to customers for reference. And there will be 2 or 3 times’ quotation when clients learnt more information or checked the samples of coverall.


If you want to get the exact price at first time, then the following information is required:

1. Material and weight. The material of protective clothing can be PP, SMS, Microporous, PP+PE, SMS+PE, the price of each material is different, and the different gram weight will also affect the price

2. Color. The most common color of coverall is white, but it can also be gray, blue, orange, yellow… According to different places of use, customers have different requirements for colors, and the material prices of special colors are higher than those of normal colors.

3. Quantity. Price for MOQ, 20GP, 40HQ is totally different.

4. Size, style. The size and style details of the disposable coverall also have an impact on the price.

5. Packaging. Generally, we will quote according to ordinary packaging. If customers have special requirements, it may also affect the price.


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