The things you should know about TYPE 5/6 and TYPE3/4 coveralls

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The coverall has been approved for more than one Type, which means it can protect against a variety of hazards and meets all criteria. Coveralls who have met the standards of their Type, as well as the EN 14126 standard, will be marked with the appropriate Type. Type 3 coveralls protect the wearer against liquids. Type 4 coveralls offer protection against liquid spray and the saturation of liquids. Type 5 coveralls protect the wearer against dust and dry particles. Type 6 coveralls protect the wearer against light spray and splashes.

Disposable coveralls that are rated as Type 5/6 have passed the testing criteria for both Types 5 and 6. This means they offer protection against all hazards associated with these types: asbestos removalists can use them in their work; workers involved with wood processing or general manufacturing may also find themselves protected by these protective clothings (though perhaps not to quite varying degrees). The same applies to TYPE 3/4 which provide chemical resistance along side oil spill cleanups too!


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