Why are machine-made PE sleeve covers more popular?

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The Disposable PE Sleeve Cover is a lightweight, transparent sleeve made out of polyethylene material. The arm sleeves can be worn on either hands and they’re super comfortable because it fits right or left handed people at the same time! It also comes with an elastic design that helps maintain its tightness so you don’t have easy access to fluids while wearing these disposable protection suits for food processing industries like meat packing plants where oils get spilled often due their worktops being greasy but thanks this amazing new product we’ve got here which will protect us against all types chemicals including water, oil, etc.


Normally, there’s hand made PE sleeve covers and machine-made PE sleeve covers for choice. And it seems that people prefer the machine-made Pe sleeve covers the most. The machine-made PE sleeve covers required less labor cost than the handmade PE sleeve covers. That means it will be cheaper than the handmade ones. Secondly, the output of machine-made PE sleeve covers is relatively higher than the handmade ones. Thirdly, the defective rate of machine-made PE sleeve covers is lower, and the elastic bands overlocked by machine is firmer than the handmade ones.


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