How to prolong the service life of disposable PE sleeve covers?

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The disposable PE sleeve cover is single-use item, and it is made of polyethylene material. It is mostly used to protect the arms from getting dirt and also prevent the dirt from the sleeves fall down during the work.

Because the disposable plastic sleeve cover is made of plastic, if you want to extend its service life, you can start with the material of the product. Brand new plastic material is tougher and less likely to be torn or torn apart than the ones mixed with recycled material. The high-weight plastic sleeve covers will be thicker than the low-weight plastic sleeve covers, which can also improve the tear resistance of the disposable plastic sleeve covers. Secondly, the workmanship and material of the cuffs also directly affect the service life of the product. If the elastic or knitted material of the cuffs is too poor, which will also cause it to be easily torn during use, and the disposable sleeve covers with damaged cuffs can no longer be used.


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