Difference between knitted cuff sleeve cover and elastic cuff sleeve cover

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The disposable sleeve covers produced by our company can be divided into many different types according to different materials, such as PP sleeve covers, PE sleeve covers, SMS sleeve covers, microporous sleeve covers, and so on. But in terms of style, sleeve covers of all materials (except PE cuffs) can be divided into cuffs with knitted cuffs and cuffs with full elastic cuffs. The difference between them is that the sleeves of the knitted cuffs have elastic bands at one end and knitted cuffs at the other end. Generally, the knitted cuffs are on one side of the wrist; while the sleeves of the elastic cuffs are made of elastic bands at both ends, regardless of whether they are straight or opposite.

In the case of using the same material, the disposable sleeve covers of the knitted cuff is more expensive than the disposable sleeve covers of the elastic cuff, because the material of the knitted cuff will be more expensive and require more labor costs. However, in terms of use, the disposable sleeve covers with knitted cuffs will make the wrist feel more comfortable; and, when you need to wear gloves at the same time, the disposable sleeve covers with knitted cuffs will also be more convenient to wear gloves, and ensure the tightness of the joint.


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