How to take off isolation gown

Table of Contents

Take off method:

(1) Untie the belt and hit a knot in front.

(2) Disinfect the hands.

(3) Untie the back of the neck.

(4) The double-hand strap pulls the gown from the chest.

(5) Hold the left collar on the inside of the left collar and remove the left sleeve.

(6) Hold the right side of the collar on the right side and pull off the right sleeve. The coat will

be contaminated and the collar and the side of the garment will be rolled to the center and placed in the designated container.

First, release the tie, then grasp the gown at the hip area, and pull the gown down and away from the sides of your body.

Once the gown is off your shoulders, pull one arm at a time from the sleeves of the gown so that the gown arms are bunched at your wrists. Then, roll the exposed side of the gown inward until it’s a tight ball. Dispose of it.


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